The Student Teacher Experience

Andrea & Isabel

If you want to teach, you’ll need to gain in-classroom experience as a student teacher. It’s surprising how many people aren’t sure of the role of a student teacher in the classroom. What precisely do they do? What responsibilities do they have?

Here at EES, we interviewed two of our very own student teachers. Ms. Hernandez is studying to be a teacher at A&M. Right now, Ms.Hernandez is teaching fourth graders and works with Ms. Ozuniga in the morning and Ms. Wehrle in the afternoon. Ms. Callazo, another student teacher at EES, teaches in a third grade classroom with Mrs. Glass. Student teaching allows pre-service teachers to practice their teaching skills in a classroom.

“Teaching is hard work, but very rewarding. I feel like part of the family here at EES,” Kiala Hernandez said. Abby Callazo, another student teacher at EES, agrees. Ms. Callazo said, “Student teaching allowed me to grow not only as an educator, but as a friend, coworker, and person.” She is grateful to be a part of the EES family, just like Ms. Hernandez, and she plans to be here for a long time.

Both student teachers graduated in December. They will be full time teachers at our school in January 2019! Congratulations Ms. Hernandez and Ms. Callazo!